Work Experience

A forerunner in the wireless telecommunications field, Dr Qaraqe has held positions at various cutting-edge telecommunications companies, working on design, product development, testing and integration.

2004-Current: Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University at Qatar.

2002-2004: Lead Performance Engineer, Qualcomm, San Diego, CA, USA

  • End to End system performance requirements and verification studies.
  • Organization, planning and management of product performance.
  • Technical Lead of STTD feature hardware and related software integration.
  • Concurrent services, voice and data, (PS + CS) feature performance.
  • Technical Lead of Inter-Rat measurements and Hando over feature performance.
  • System modeling, simulation and analysis of the recent communication systems.

2001-2002: Consultant, Enad Design Systems, College Station, TX, USA

  • Wireless system algorithm design and implementation for 3GPP/UMTS/W-CDMA/cdma2000( 1X, MC) and GSM Systems.
  • Detailed system studies on the impact of voice and data services on GSM/GPRS, EDGE and 3G-UMTS technologies.
  • Carrier requested adjacent channel study of GSM and 3G/UMTS channels.
  • RF Planning and optimization services to carriers. Services included:
    • Frequency planning and interference analysis.
    • Field surveys, measurement and data analysis based on the standardization and design requirements.
    • Propagation model optimization.
    • Link budgets and power level calculations.
    • System and parameter optimization.
  • Consulting for the following companies:
    • Quick Silver Technologies, San Diego, CA.
    • STC Saudi Telecom, Future Mobile Technologies, R&D Group, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
    • Tilaim and Son, Law Offices of Bruce E. Bagelman, P.C. , 2911 Turtle Creek Blvd., Suite 1400 , Dallas, Texas 75219
    • SBC, TRA R&D group Austin, TX.

1997-2001: Principal and Architect Engineer, Cadence / Tality Design Systems, San Jose, CA, USA

  • Concurrent services, voice and data, (PS + CS) performance.
  • Design and architecture of 3G-CDMA system algorithms, simulation and end to end system planning and optimization.
  • Project management of wireless system design projects for IS95-CDMA, W-CDMA/3GPP/cdma2000 and GSM systems.
  • Assistance of clients in the design and implementations issues of CDMA technology.
  • Work with client to update the design parameters, performance requirements and System deployment plans based on the new standards and recent publications.
  • Research and representation of Cadence in wireless standards, seminars and technical conferences.
  • Product management, project management, deployment and commercialization team development.
  • STTD performance.

1994-1997: PhD student, Texas A&M University. College Station, Texas, USA

  • Analytical and simulation research of the digital communication systems based on CDMA-FH common communication channel subject to multiple user access interference (MUI). This system was analyzed to improve the channel reliability, throughput, maximizing the number of the simultaneous users, and minimizing the bandwidth expansion. Comparison between TDMA and CDMA systems and number of active users was presented and analyzed.

1989-1994: Technical Engineer, Ericsson Telecommunication. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • Technical lead and manager for the digital free phones systems and digital PBX with capacity expansion of 100 to 10,000 lines.