Spray development   (macro-scale)

300 micron droplet impingement (milli-scale)

Droplet Splitting (micro-scale)

Brownian motion (nano-scale)


Recent Updates:

  • 2017-06: NPRP research grant (QNRF): “Lab-on-chip system for point-of-care cardiac biomarker screening (NPRP10-0101-17-0076)”
  • 2017-08: UREP research grant (QNRF): “Effect of nanoparticles on alternative fuel sprays at high-pressure conditions (UREP21-098-2-044)”
  • 2018-01: Industry research grant (Shell- Qatar): “Comprehensive study of CO2-based refrigerant blends 

Welcome to MSTF lab!

MSTF Laboratory is  involved in advanced research in the area of thermo-fluids. The primary research are micro- and nanofluids,  super-critical flows, turbulent flows, turbulent jets, and spray  characteristics studies. Advanced  scientific equipments such as continuous wave and pulsed lasers, optical microscopes, high  speed CCD and CMOS cameras, and data acquisition systems are used for measurements. The research projects are funded by QNRF through NPRP program.

Micro Scale Thermo-Fluids (MSTF) Laboratory


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